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Killer Journey Productions is a boutique production ​company that provides creators with opportunities and ​organizations with epic content that inspires, educates, ​and drives collective evolution.

50% of profits are allocated to marine conservation content ​creation and strategic communication donations to marine ​conservation organizations.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to create compelling and impactful content ​that transcends boundaries, captivates audiences, and ​inspires collective evolution.

We are committed to pushing the boundaries of ​storytelling through visually stunning and sustainable ​productions, cultivating a collaborative environment that ​nurtures talent, and delivering exceptional content and ​service to our clients and partners.

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Founder, Director.

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Stunt Coordinator, Director.

The studio pictured is North Sea Films in Omaha, Ne.

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The Killer Journey...

Born in La Jolla in 1976, I’ve lived on both coasts and a few places in ​between. In 2000, while working as an adventure guide in Colorado, I ​was invited to apply to International Stuntschool in Seattle. It was love ​upon landing.

In 2001, I moved to Wilmington, NC, to train with a Stunt Coordinator ​named John Copeman. After three years of training with the now ​Emmy-Nominated Copeman on shows such as Dawson’s Creek, I set ​my sights on writing and directing but had no idea how to get there. I ​continued to devour opportunities on shows such as One Tree Hill, and ​Eastbound and Down.

While training as a stuntwoman in Wilmington, I traveled to Myrtle ​Beach and worked undercover in a nightclub for a dark comedy I was ​writing called Character Shoes, a coming-of-age story within a story...

In 2008, inspiration struck for my first film, There Will Be No Stay.

After three years of writing both and dancing to fund the research, I ​relocated to Omaha, Nebraska to learn production from Dana Altman ​at North Sea Films. In addition to various commercial and independent ​film projects, I produced music videos for bands such as Bright Eyes, ​Icky Blossoms, and The Faint.

This is when I began working with Independent Spirit ​Award-winning filmmaker and musician, Nik Fackler and ​Emmy Award-winning cinematographer Jeremy Osbern.

After seven years, There Will be No Stay was completed ​and sold to an Indie label, FilmBuff. I gave everything ​away, downsized to a dive bag, and began to focus on ​recovery through comedy and Character Shoes. In 2019, ​development was funded and the pilot was completed. ​Then, COVID…

In 2020, during a pandemic-inspired master class in ​conservation, I realized the need for science ​communications through storytelling. Further research led ​me to a critically endangered population of Killer Whales ​called the Southern Residents and the dynamic group of ​people dedicated to saving them. A Killer Journey-Tokitae’s ​Return is the film for which this company was formed.

I remain curious, inspired, and grateful as the journey ​unfolds...

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Founder, Director.

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